Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Best Personal VPN

There are a lot of reasons to securely connect a group of computers together over the Internet. File sharing, remote desktop, and gaming are just a few popular applications. But when it comes to VPN, even IT professionals will find it a tedious and complicated topic. Obscure jargons like PPTP, IPSec, SSH, SSL tunneling start to appear and you get everything but fun.

Not until the arrival of Hamachi.

It requires virtually zero configuration. Even a layman can build his/her personal VPN in minutes. Once set up, each of your computer will be assigned a permanent address in the 5. network and can communicate with each other directly using this special address. Needless to say, all traffic is encrypted with the industry proven AES-256 algorithm. Available for Windows, Linux and Mac OS X.


alex smith said...

Finally, I can get a reliable vpn service with fast and good support team.

Joshadams78@hotmail.com said...


I live out of the country, in Taiwan to be exact and want to be able to watch, stream, download from websites i.e., hulu.com etc as if I were in the states. I understand connecting to a VPN for a local ISP is the way to go. I really don't want to pay for a VPN service but here some free ones can rape you of personal information.

Can anyone recommend a quality, easy and safe FREE VPN to use?


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