Sunday, July 01, 2007

Best Clipboard Manager

A clipboard manager (or extension) under Windows is a computer program that adds functionality to the basic Windows clipboard (i.e. the famous copy-and-paste).

Ditto is the best clipboard manager out there, featuring:
  • easy-to-use interface
  • search and paste from previous copies
  • full Unicode support among others.
Most importantly, thanks to the excellent SQLite database, it can store all your past copies casually yet provide fast searching and a low memory footprint.


Anonymous said...

CLCL is the best: right-click on the clip-icon in the traybar and select the clip (text, bitmaps with preview, etc.). That's all. The clip will be automatically inserted!

All other clip magnagers are slow because you have to select an hotkey (= you MUST use keyboard), pop-up the window, select the clip, insert the clip with an hotkey.

CLCL is just 1 right-click + select.

Cerberus™ said...

If you use mouse gestures, such as the best gesture program of its kind, Strokeit, you won't need to press any keys in order to open and use Ditto. Just assign Ditto's hotkey to a gesture in Strokeit, and you're done.

Anonymous said...

I believe Shapeshifter is a lot better. It integrates with Windows.

Here's a YouTube preview video:

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