Sunday, August 13, 2006

Welcome and Best Antivirus Freeware

Welcome to my blog, boys and girls. This blog is dedicated to relentless software professionals who created the best freeware applications out there.

I created this blog because I am enjoying a lot of great apps done by others and feel like to share my experience with the best of the bunch apps to more people.

As my first post, let's start from the basic stuff - antivirus. You may know that there are quite some good ones already on the market - AntiVir, Avast, AVG just to name a few. What you probably didn't know is the latest entrant called Active Virus Shield from AOL/Kaspersky.

Active Virus Shield (AVS) is based on Kaspersky AntiVirus (KAV) 6.0 and powered by the same top-tier scanning engine. KAV was once infamous for its high consumption of system resources. But with the latest release, what's really nice is that they have built a number of advanced techniques to reduce system usage, yet, simple to use.

If you're still worried about performance, one recommendation for advanced users is to go for "Low Security Level" in return for even more speed. Don't panic. What the AVS team defined as "Low" is in fact the standard behaviour for a lot of other vendors!

Top commercial-grade scanning engine, hourly AV signature updates, POP3/IMAP4/HTTP realtime scanning, no nagging screens, intelligent scanning of only new and changed files are some of the highlights of this excellent piece of software.

Still doesn't sound good enough to make you switch? :) has done an extensive study on quite a few antivirus applications recently and confirmed that Active Virus Shield is seriously the best (freeware). Here are the top ten from their list:

1. Kaspersky version - 99.62%
2. Active Virus Shield by AOL version -
3. F-Secure 2006 version 6.12.90 -
4. BitDefender Professional version 9 -
5. CyberScrub version 1.0 -
6. eScan version 8.0.671.1 -
7. BitDefender freeware version 8.0.202 -
8. BullGuard version 6.1 -
9. AntiVir Premium version -
10. Nod32 version 2.51.30 -

Update: some users are concerned about privacy issues indicated in the end-user license agreement, make sure you do not install the Security Toolbar toward the end of installation. See picture.

Final Scorecard
ProductActive Virus Shield
by AOL
Avira ClassicAvast Free
EngineKaspersky v6AviraAvast
Signature UpdatesHourlyDailyDaily
Detection Rate**99.62%94.26%87.46%
ICSA Antivirus
WCL Checkmark L2***

* by CNET Reviews (CNET 2006 Antivirus Performance Test Scores)
** by
*** by West Coast Labs


bluecastro said...

Somehow I cannot make AOL Active Virus Shield install in my machine -- well, it install alright, but the activation cannot be done because the "activate" button remains greyed out even after typing (pasting) in a valid key -- I tried reinstalling and getting new keys, still no luck. Weird stuff. Anyone else having this ?

Anonymous said...

That sounds weird. I have installed it on more than 10 machines without a single issue. What is the version number of your copy? I found that one of my machines got and another one is running It may make a difference if you re-download a newer copy.

Anonymous said...

AOL AVS is now dead. What to do?

Anonymous said...

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Thanks at all

Anonymous said...

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